I met Ashley and Zach back in 2021 at Zach’s sister Anna’s wedding. Ashley was one of two Ashleys in the wedding party which made my job of remembering names super easy. Zach and Ashley really stuck out to me that day, because they seemed so thrilled to be celebrating Anna and Sean’s day. They danced and laughed all night with Anna and Sean’s little girls and with each other.

When Ashley reached out to me in the spring time about scheduling family photos for her and Zach I was thrilled. It’s always so special to work with people who you already know and have started to have a connection with. My day got even better when Ashley asked if they could bring their dogs, Piper and Finn.

We met up at a beautiful, grassy field where Ashley, Zach and the pups often walk. Poor Piper’s spring allergies started acting up and she couldn’t stop sneezing. Finn was cool as a cucumber, of course. We got some of the sweetest shots of this precious family, as well as a couple ticks on the dogs and my leg. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Ashley and Zach again, to meet their sweet dogs and to capture their love and beauty amid the chaos of life.

Ashley & Zach ~ Michigan Family Photographer


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