When Claire reached out to me asking me if I’d photograph her and her partner, Trevor, on their move in day, I pictured a little blue house with white trim, a sprawling front yard and maybe one dog. I never could have imagined the home I’d actually be photographing. Claire and Trevor moved into a French Renaissance style historical home built in 1873. When I saw the photos on Zillow my jaw dropped. It fully hit the ground when I pulled up to the home.

Claire & Trevor’s movers had driven off 10 minutes before we started our session, but they somehow looked like they hadn’t had the most hectic day of their lives. We explored the grounds together and they absolutely made my day when they opened the front door for some photos in the foyer and their five dogs came running up.

I am so excited to see what Trevor and Claire do in their home restoration projects and as they grow into this absolutely stunning home. If you’re interested in following along on their journey follow Our Mansard Mansion. Even if you’re not interested in a historical home, follow along to see their precious pups (they may be adding another one to the fam soon!)

Claire & Trevor ~ Michigan Lifestyle Photographer


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